The “Seeds for Future” Campaign

The “Seeds for Future” Campaign

Since January, 2021, the FNPSMS has been carrying out a strong promotion campaign on the European seeds: “Seeds for Future”. In 2021, its teams had the opportunity to meet with farmers and actors in the maize industry in Poland and France, at the AgroShow and the Culturales fairs, respectively. The exchanges of information that took place at both events allowed everyone to understand local contexts and share knowledge on the European hybrids and their production methods.

The first “chapter” of the 2022 events will take place between April 26 and 30, at the FIMA fair in Saragossa, Spain. The FNPSMS experts who will be present at the organisation’s stand will share a series of materials on seed maize production technology and related recommendations on their use. The interested public will be thus able to benefit from important advice, given by passionate maize professionals.
More than 200 000 visitors are expected to attend this international fair. The seed companies that will be present there will be able to answer questions and share knowledge that is vital for a successful hybrid maize production.

The second stage will consist in an event that will take place from June 9 through June 11, in Slobozia, Romania, where the European hybrids will be showcased before the Romanian farmers.

Lastly, farmers and companies from France, Poland, and Germany will also be present at the following ag fairs: Innov’Agri (Ondes (31) – September 7-8), AgroShow (Bednary – September 23-25), and EuroTiers (Hanover – November 15-18).

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