“Seeds for Future” Promotion Campaign

Seeds for Future” Promotion Campaign


“Seeds for Future” Campaign: As part of a campaign promoting European seeds, the FNPSMS and the PZPK held two Maize Field Days, on September 12 and 19, in Szepietowo and Minikowo, Poland. The agendas included presentations by experts with the Poznań University of Agriculture and the Rzeszów Plant Protection Institute, and concerned feed maize protection, setting harvest dates, silage preparation, and the place of maize in dairy cow feeding. The theoretical part was followed by a demonstration of operations of farm equipment and machinery and by a food-tasting session showcasing maize-based dishes. The two field days attracted more than one thousand participants and two hundred participants, respectively.

Between September 24th through September 26th, the FNPSMS and the PZPK also took part in the “AgroShow 2021” ag fair, in Bednary, in the Wielkopolska region. During the three days, the FNPSMS and the PZPK, together with two member companies, were able to communicate directly with the producers, at their stand. The numerous visitors were thus able to gather information on maize hybrids and seeds. The fair also provided a good opportunity to distribute various materials (technical guides, brochures, questionnaires etc) aimed at learning more about the attending public and its expectations. According to its organisers, the fair attracted 120 000 visitors.

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