Why Produce in France?

As an undisputed leader in the field for more than 50 years, France has the ideal conditions for producing significant amounts of high-quality seeds.

These are all assets that client growers, seed companies, and breeders established in France testify to.

Superior Quality

“To me, it is the quality of French seeds that makes them stand out from seeds produced elsewhere. In terms of the way in which they are produced, these seeds are remarkable.”

Alexei, Crop Manager, Russia

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Experienced Seed Multiplication Growers

“As a production company, we rely on the growers’ work on a daily basis. Their experience, their technical competence, and their ability to adapt guarantee the quality of the end seed product.”

Didier Nury, General Manager, Top Semence

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Unique Expertise

“France has all the key factors for successful seed production. Its unique expertise is what we were seeking when we decided to invest here, just as many other international breeders.”

Matthieu Beaulaton, Manager – Operational Optimisation and Excellence/Europe – Bayer Crop Science

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EU seed observatory: stocks trend down

The F.N.P.S.M.S (the French National Federation of Maize and Sorghum Seed Production) has published its observatory report on maize seed stocks (seed bag numbers). According to this data, the stock decline is confirmed at the end of the 2019 marketing year, against the background of a dynamic EU maize market. Furthermore, in the light of the challenging 2019 production conditions and ongoing market developments, a new stock decrease may be expected at the end of June 2020.

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Silage maize : FNPSMS on tour for promotion

As an organisation that is particularly committed to promoting the maize plant, the FNPSMS has organised several events dedicated to this plant, throughout Eastern Europe. A quick glance at this year’s activities, below :

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Maize and its high-quality genetics: a true potential for Kazakhstan

A delegation of Kazakh agriculture decision-makers visited France this past September. The event offered an opportunity for the FNPSMS – the French interprofessional organisation of maize and sorghum seed production – to be received by the Kazakh Embassy and to meet several important officials, particularly the Kazakh Vice Minister for Agriculture, H.E. the Ambassador of Kazakhstan, and the Head of the country’s agronomic research centre.

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