Why Produce in France?

As an undisputed leader in the field for more than 50 years, France has the ideal conditions for producing significant amounts of high-quality seeds.

These are all assets that client growers, seed companies, and breeders established in France testify to.

Superior Quality

“To me, it is the quality of French seeds that makes them stand out from seeds produced elsewhere. In terms of the way in which they are produced, these seeds are remarkable.”

Alexei, Crop Manager, Russia

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Experienced Seed Multiplication Growers

“As a production company, we rely on the growers’ work on a daily basis. Their experience, their technical competence, and their ability to adapt guarantee the quality of the end seed product.”

Didier Nury, General Manager, Top Semence

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Unique Expertise

“France has all the key factors for successful seed production. Its unique expertise is what we were seeking when we decided to invest here, just as many other international breeders.”

Matthieu Beaulaton, Manager – Operational Optimisation and Excellence/Europe – Bayer Crop Science

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Growing Maize


Good management of all planting parameters, to achieve crop establishment – a key stage in maize production.


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Determining fertilizer needs and adjusting the rates to maximize crop productivity.


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Limiting weed competition in order to preserve the crop potential, both in terms of yield and quality.


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Seed Maize Irrigation: Paying Attention Every Step of the Way

Seed Maize Irrigation: Paying Attention Every Step of the Way The French production sector offers a wide variety of growing conditions for seed maize, which is generally grown on irrigated land. Producers have a good command of the irrigation methods. However, the parental lines’ inherent sensitivity to water stress and the specific production itinerary of seed maize are factors that one must consider in order to get the optimum yield and required seed quality. Seed Maize Irrigation: Paying Attention Every Step of the Way (titre) Although the general make-up of maize hybrid crops in terms of water-stress exposure is not much different from that of their parental lines, each development stage presents specific characteristics that influence the plant’s behaviour ...

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The 2020/21 Production Campaign Starts Well for Maize Crops

The 2020/21 Production Campaign Starts off Well for Maize Crops (titre) While the beginning of spring was challenging at times, growth conditions are relatively favourable to maize crops in most of the major production regions. In Brazil, late-stage crop conditions for safrinha maize (second harvest, mostly destined for export) have been particularly good in Mato Grosso, the country’s main production state, which may offset yield reductions in the southern states caused by prolonged drought in first-quarter 2020. In the EU,...

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Maize – Leading Crop in the 2020 European Rotations

Maize, Leading Crop in the 2020 European Rotations. Seed Production Programme up for 2021 Plantings Maize has confirmed once again as a top choice with the European producers during the 2020 plantings. Its areas have increased in most European countries, both for grain and feed. EU-level maize areas should stand at 15,1 million hectares this year (up 2 percent). The trend is due to the difficult plantings in the autumn/winter of 2019. Thus grain maize has become an alternative to rapeseed in its own right, as well as to straw cereals, in several countries. Feed maize is also trending up, countering feed deficits in many countries, after several years of drought-stricken harvests. Planting conditions were dry in...

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