Promoting Corn Seeds in Romania

Promoting Corn Seeds in Romania

The FNPSMS attended the 2023 FarmConect event under the Seeds for Future promotion campaign and its mission was to emphasize the quality of European corn seeds – particularly of those produced in France (the world’s first corn seed exporter). Seed production and hybrid innovation are key elements for Europe’s leading position in agriculture and they allow producers to grow high-quality grains that are adapted to the continent’s climates.

The FarmConect event took place in Slobozia, Romania, between August 31st and September 3rd. The event is the country’s major annual meeting for grain producers. Every year, participants discuss key issues regarding the sustainability of grain production in Romania, as well as the related political, regional, environmental, and technological aspects.

For the second consecutive year, a French delegation was present at the event and had a stand under the Seeds for Future campaign. The campaign aims at emphasizing the quality of the European corn seeds – particularly the ones produced in France, the world’s leading exporter of corn seeds.

During the event, the organisation met with farmers, retailers, and opinion leaders in the grain industries, in order to present hybrid corn seeds produced in Europe, their technical and technological added value, and their importance for the European agricultural leadership.

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