Harvest Situation and Production Outlook

Current Numbers Exceed Initial Estimates

Seed corn harvest was still ongoing at the end of September. The production year has been behind schedule throughout the world, because of this spring’s planting conditions. The dry-down is fast in the fields and processors need to be quick taking on considerable amounts within a short time span. Production prospects go from good to very good. We have raised our estimates for France’s results to 105 – 110 percent. It seems that the heat wave in end August had no major impact on yields.

Weather was rather favourable in Hungary, where production results should stand between 100 and 105 percent. In Romania, irrigation availability was better than in 2022, and despite the drought that hit the southern part of the country, expected results are estimated between 100 and 105 percent. In Austria, weather was satisfactory and the country should attain its production objectives 105-110 percent. Italy has been able to limit its losses after a challenging beginning, due to excessive water and hail episodes; its results should stand somewhere between 90 and 95 percent. Outside the EU, productions bode well in Ukraine, with results going between 110 and 115 percent. Production surpluses are also expected in Russia: 115-120 percent compared to the objectives. In Serbia, stormy episodes damaged the crops and the production results are estimated to reach somewhere between 95 and 100 percent of the initial objectives. In Turkey, the stress caused by extreme heat waves at the time of pollination has confirmed itself and the production results should stand between 90 and 95 percent.

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