Maize and sorghum european promotion

Study Tour of Russian and Kazakh Opinion Leaders in Southwest France

Promoting maize and sorghum seed industry internationally is one of the key activities of the F.N.P.S.M.S., given the export-oriented nature of these markets. Thus, it was in that light that a press study tour was organized for several opinion leaders, from February 17 through 20, 2020, in Southwest France. Eleven professionals working in the Russian and Kazakh agriculture industry (farmers, journalists, ag association representatives, and members of administrative bodies) were able to learn about the excellence of European-made seeds. The group met with growers in their own farms, who presented their main activities and explained how they used maize in their dairy and poultry production processes. The study tour participants were also able to meet with co-operatives in the region, where they learnt about their seed-producing activities and visited their plants and laboratories. The whole event was an opportunity to exchange information and demonstrate the link between plant genetics and the quality of livestock production.


Voyage de presse pour les leaders d’opinion russes et kazakhs dans le Sud-Ouest de la France

"Increasing Dairy Production by Using Maize and Sorghum" conférence in Russia

Conference in Russia, with over 40 participants: livestock growers, agronomists, seed producers, local administration representatives, and ag press members took part in a conference titled “Increasing Dairy Production by Using Maize and Sorghum”, held on February 26 in Voronezh, Russia, and organised by the F.N.P.S.M.S. and Sorghum-ID, together with Danone Russia.

The conference agenda included the following presentations: “Maize and Sorghum in Dairy Cow Nutrition”, by Alexis FERARD (farmer, livestock grower, and former expert with ARVALIS – Institut du Végétal); “How to Successfully Prepare One’s Maize Silage (from Planting to Harvest and Ensiling)”; “Genetic Progress in Feed Sorghum” – made by representatives of member seed companies; “Sorghum: World Market and Uses” – by Charles-Antoine COURTTOIS; “The Outlook for Dairy Market Development in Russia” – by Alexey GRUZDEV, expert with “Streda Consulting”.

"Agro Animal Show" agricultural show from 18 to 20 February 2020 in Ukraine

Promoting maize and sorghum during the tenth edition of the “AgroAnimalShow” event in Kiev, Ukraine. More than 20 000 visitors travelled to meet the 535 exhibitors present on site. The F.N.P.S.M.S. stand was therefore the host of many such meetings, where visitors were not only able to learn about the benefits of maize in cattle feeding, but also discover (or re-discover) sorghum. Prospects are looking good for the two crops, since planted areas are estimated up 150 000 hectares for grain maize (to 5,1 million hectares) and 9 percent for sorghum (to 64 000 hectares).

The ag fair showed that the Ukrainian farmers paid close attention to both seed quality and genetic progress, as the two factors secure crop success even in adverse weather.


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