Silage maize : FNPSMS on tour for promotion

As an organisation that is particularly committed to promoting the maize plant, the FNPSMS has organised several events dedicated to this plant, throughout Eastern Europe. A quick glance at this year’s activities, below:

Belagro Ag Trade Show – Minsk, Belarus. June 4-9, 2019

Salon Belagro 2019

Feed maize field trip – Krasnodar Kray Ladoyskaya, Russia. August 9, 2019 

Field day Krasnodar 19

Feed maize field trips & workshop – Bilohiria, Ukraine. August 15, 2019

Conférence Bilohoria 19

Feed maize field trip – SPK Senko Obuhovo, Belarus. September 19, 2019

Field day SPK Senko

Study tour for Belarusian and Ukrainian press representatives – Angers and Nantes regions, France. September 2019

Voyage de presse 2019

AgroComplex Trade Show – Kiev, Ukraine. October 29-31, 2019

Salon AgroComplex 2019

Press conference – Kiev, Ukraine. October 28, 2019

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